Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flight 370

Flight 370 dropped to an altitude of 12,000 feet after taking a sharp turn.

After the plane disappeared from radars and slammed into the water off the coast of Australia, rumors began to swarm as to what exactly happened. New details regarding what exactly happened in the cockpit surfaced this morning. When the plane crashed, it was only 12,000 feet above the ground as a result of a sharp turn.

According to authorities, the sharp turn was intentional. They are assuming that there was foul play in the cockpit. Although they really have no evidence, they aren't ruling any possibilities out.

This is relative to our history classes. We are learning about the 1920's and about the invention of the first airplane.

Honestly, you have to stoop pretty low to want to wreck a plane on purpose. The US has gotten involved with the investigation and leave out no possibilities of foul play. Our government and investigators can find the world's most violent criminal, yet they can't figure out why a plane crashed or how it disappeared?

  • What is the impact of using [statistics/quotations/headings/bullets/personal experience] (choose one of the options and write only on it.) If you have another element that you would like to discuss on this question, get the okay from me before proceeding. Use evidence from the selection to support your answer.
The author uses the statistics of the plane's altitude and quotes from officials to impact the article by telling us how high the plane was.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

'Band of Brothers' Veteran Dies

Band of Brothers is a miniseries based on a book written by Stephen E. Ambrose. William Guarnere, nicknamed "Wild Bill," was rushed to the hospital Saturday night where he died that night of a ruptured aneurysm. He was 90 years old.

This relates to my US History class. We are discussing wars and Guarnere was a veteran of WWII. I love watching the Band of Brothers show with my dad and he has all of the episodes on DVD. Every episode had a new interview and they interviewed Guarnere maybe twice.

Honestly, I am shocked by the way he died. The miniseries made him so popular and my dad talked about how it effected every man. The episode "Currahee" was my personal favorite. With the famous tagline, "Three miles up, three miles down," it was a true test of strength and courage.

  • What is the author’s point of view, and how does it impact the overall effect of the text? Use evidence from the selection to support your answer.
The author's point of view is unclear. It seems neutral. The paragraphs are short and sweet. Although the story still needs to be developed, they could have at least added more detail of his impact on the miniseries.

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